Immersa Achieves Gold Standard Accreditation from AlphaESS UK for Battery Energy Storage Solutions

We are thrilled to announce our recent recognition by AlphaESS UK, the U.K. representatives for the global energy storage organisation AlphaESS. Immersa has been awarded the prestigious Gold Standard accreditation, solidifying its commitment to excellence and its position as a trusted partner in the renewable energy sector.

The Gold Standard accreditation is a testament to Immersa’s unwavering dedication to the AlphaESS UK brand and products. After successfully completing the Installer accreditation training session at the AlphaESS UK headquarters, Immersa has demonstrated its expertise in energy storage solutions and its ability to meet the stringent requirements set by AlphaESS UK.

Rob Miles, CEO at Immersa, expressed his delight at receiving the Gold Standard accreditation, stating, “I am delighted that AlphaESS UK has recognised the Immersa team with this award. The battery energy storage products, technical support, training, and the relationship we have with AlphaESS UK significantly and positively impact our renewable energy solutions and our residential and commercial customers. Effective relationships are vital in business and operations, and the team at AlphaESS UK is an extension of our business model and one which I greatly appreciate.”

Mark Hale, Managing Director at AlphaESS UK, reciprocated the sentiment and extended his gratitude to Immersa, saying, “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Immersa for their continued partnership, business, and support. The Immersa team has consistently showcased their dedication to learning and knowledge development of our systems, evident in their exceptional operations and profound understanding of our products. Immersa’s expertise enhances our collaboration and reinforces our shared commitment to driving the adoption of renewable energy and energy storage solutions.”

As a trusted partner, Immersa supports customers throughout the entire renewable energy project lifecycle, from feasibility assessments to installation and energy management. Our collaboration with AlphaESS UK enables us to provide cutting-edge energy storage products and technical expertise, empowering residential and commercial clients to transition to sustainable, clean energy solutions.

Immersa’s Gold Standard accreditation is a testament to the unwavering pursuit of excellence, reaffirming our position as a leading player in renewable and battery energy storage sectors. By forging strong partnerships and continuously expanding our knowledge base, we remain at the forefront of the industry, driving positive change and delivering sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future.

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