Harnessing renewable energy, smarter management & distribution

Harnessing renewable energy, smarter management & distribution

The Immersa approach offers key benefits to businesses and organisations through on-site renewable energy generation with battery storage solutions. This saves money and makes energy use more sustainable as we strive towards net-zero. We use unique modelling software to analyse our clients’ energy supply needs now and in the future. We provide a tailored energy system, which is competitive, cost-effective, and enhances your business credentials for Corporate Social Responsibility.


Now is the time for your organisation to take control of its renewable energy production, supply and storage. Immersa provides Turnkey renewable solutions that put you in the driving seat by providing assessment, consultancy and advice for your energy usage and how you can benefit from investing today in a zero-carbon future.


The renewable experts at Immersa have many decades of combined experience in utility-scale projects. We have developed advanced finiacial and technical modelling tools to evidence the benefits of renewable energy solutions from 1MW. Our demand-side expertise will guide you through the process from assessment to deployment


With energy prices predicted to double in the coming years, it is time to think about how to power your property by embracing home energy solutions and start your journey to energy independence. Our expert team at Immersa has many years of experience advising homeowners on the best renewable solutions, from planning to installation and aftercare.

Creating sustainable and affordable energy generation

Immersa was founded on the principles of supporting business and domestic consumers to take control of their energy future, with a focus on energy storage alongside renewable energy solutions. By providing consultancy on all aspects of the renewable sector, we help you reduce your reliance on the grid network.

We provide reliable, sustainable and affordable eco-friendly renewable energy systems and energy storage systems. We are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and achieving a clean, sophisticated and adaptable energy economy.

The team at Immersa has decades of experience across the energy sector and believe now is the time for you to take control of your energy. We’ll help maximise your renewable capabilities for a carbon-neutral tomorrow.


By installing solar PV, a business with suitable roof space could save up to 75% on power costs over the life span of the panels. Immersa feasibility study and projections will allow your company to make informed decisions on your energy future.


Over the last six years, Immersa has provided consultancy for demand-side solar farm projects that power an average of 1000 homes for every 5 MW of renewable electricity generated, removing over 4000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


From renewable technologies to energy storage solutions, our advisers have the knowledge and expertise to support your journey to energy independence.

Our processes ensure you have the facts, and we guide you to make informed decisions to harness the opportunities from renewable energy.

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