Residential Battery Storage

Before you consider installing Solar PV, ensure you have thoroughly researched your energy storage options. Home energy solutions, including storage, will reduce the electricity you use from the grid and cut your bills. If you are off-grid, it can help lessen your reliance on fossil fuel and provide backup power generation.

An Energy Storage System (ESS), commonly known as a solar battery, will allow you to capture electricity for use on demand. For example, you can store the electricity your solar panels generate during the day and use it at night.

Upcoming changes in energy tariffs will allow you to store energy within your ESS and use it at peak times when electricity is more expensive, letting you use grid energy only when it is less costly.

Having the ability to store your electricity now will help you safeguard your energy future.

If you have or are planning to install solar PV panels, using an ESS to store your generated electricity will help you maximise your renewable energy network.

The residential renewables team at Immersa will help assess and advise you on the right solution for your home based on your usage, lifestyle and solar PV capacity v battery storage capability. Suppose you want to install solar PV and an ESS combination. In that case, the new Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) tariffs will pay you for any excess renewable electricity generated and exported to the grid.

Benefits of installing an Energy Storage System

Store self-generated electricity and use when grid tariffs are high


Benefit from selling excess electricity back to the grid with the Smart Export Guarantee


Low interest or interest-free finance options and grants may be available


Combine your ESS with EV charging option to power your electric vehicle


Energy-efficient technology which requires little or no maintenance

There is a range of residential energy storage solutions, including single phase 3 kW, 5 kW. We provide a three-phase 10 kW for PV self-consumption, backup power, and load shifting applications for off-grid households.


Alpha ESS product range


Through Immersa’s partnership with Alpha ESS in the UK, we provide access to a range of high performance and cost-effective battery storage units for residential and commercial applications.

The range starts with the SMILE B3, an AC coupled all-in-one battery – energy storage system (3 kW / 2.9 kWh). It can help to achieve the optimal usage of renewable energy. It can control the bi-directional flow of electric power, work under auto/manual & time-of-use (TOU) modes, and charge/discharge the battery as per the customer’s setting.

We have a wide variety of battery storage products available for residential, throughout the Smile series of battery storage units. Explore our range of products below, where you can download our specification sheets. You can contact us at any point to discuss the Alpha range and our other services

Alpha Smile B3 - 3 kW

The perfect energy storage solution for residential properties. Under the auto mode, SMILE B3 will store surplus renewable energy onto the battery and discharge battery to supply power to local loads when renewable energy is not enough.

Alpha Smile 5 - 5.5 kW

The Alpha Smile 5 household Photovoltaic Energy Storage System (ESS) is a new kind of power solution. A superb German design offering high performance, compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC or DC coupled).

Alpha Smile T10

First true three-phase Energy Storage System with Lithium iron phosphate and available for 180 mm and 210 mm PV module, with superb performance and long lifespan. Suitable for indoors and outdoors with built-in Class II lightning protection circuit.

Making your home green
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Now is the time to create your renewable home. Whether you are installing solar PV, ESS and EV charging or simply adding an energy storage system to your existing solar PV, Immersa will help guide you through the process, from assessment to purchase through to installation and aftercare. Take control of your energy future and contact Immersa today.



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