Commercial Solar Panels and Battery Storage for Your Business.

With energy prices predicted to double in the coming years, it is time to think about your business and how you can reduce your overheads and carbon footprint by investing in solar panels and battery storage.

Immersa analyses your commercial energy usage and uses data modelling to provide you with the most effective renewable energy solutions for your business needs.  

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We demonstrate how accessible and cost effective solar and battery storage can be for your business

Using our complex technical modelling tools, we take a look at your yearly power consumption, giving you a clear explanation of the most effective ways to make use of solar panels and battery storage at your commercial premises.

Our proposals will show you how our financing options make this an obvious and easy choice, freeing up much-needed cash flow for your business.  Solar and Battery Storage in your business helps reduce the impact of fluctuating energy costs, whilst lowering your company’s carbon footprint.  We always recommend battery systems from our UK partner, Alpha ESS UK


Our key aim is to help create energy independence for businesses. The journey to energy autonomy can be challenging to navigate. Immersa offers an independent consultancy process for first time renewable investors or businesses who want to expand or upgrade their existing assets. Our experts will provide a renewable report to enable you to maximise your investment return.

The team at Immersa has the knowledge and experience across all areas of renewables, from survey to design and installation to asset management. We are there for you at every step in your journey and will assist with energy purchase agreements and ongoing maintenance.

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Assessment & Development

Surveying and designing a renewable energy system tailored to your needs is crucial to ensure it is cost-effective and capable of meeting your energy needs now and in the future.

We look at all aspects of your premises and advise on how it can be made more energy-efficient and recommend the types of technology that will offer the best return on investment. 

The Immersa team are experienced in both roof-mount and ground-mount solar systems and can explain the use cases for both.

Funding For Solar and Batteries

Renewable energy projects may help save the planet, but they require a financial commitment. There are various options, including self-funding, loans, Power Purchase Agreements, tax incentives and grants.

Immersa will create a summary report based on our discussions and surveys to provide you with your business’s best options.  We will cover information on IRR, payback periods and interest rates.

After your renewable energy project is operational, our asset management programme tracks and manages your plant through all the life cycle stages.  This will ensure not only its physical working order but also its financial performance.


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