A partnership with Immersa will turn your grid-scale energy vision into a sustainable reality.

We manage utility-scale projects throughout the UK, with innovative and customer-focused planning and development.

The UK renewables sector is in an exciting phase as we move away from subsidies and focus on creating grid-scale projects which can sell directly into the energy market.

An industry-leading team helping the UK work towards net-zero

For the UK Government to be more than three-quarters of the way to net-zero by 2050, there will need to be a considerable increase in utility-scale projects.

The renewable experts at Immersa have many decades of combined experience in utility-scale projects. We have developed advanced financial and technical modelling tools to evidence the benefits of renewable energy solutions from 1 MW.


Utility-scale projects can be a daunting prospect for investors or landowners, whether you have experience in large scale renewables schemes or not. Our expert team will produce a feasibility study to determine the next steps.

The team at Immersa has the knowledge and experience across utility-scale renewables, from survey to design and installation to asset management. We are there for you at every step in your journey to manage your return on investment.


Financial modelling, development assessment and feasibility reports are essential to delivering a successful utility-scale project. Our turnkey solutions will ensure a viable and costed solution ready to present for funding and planning application.

Immersa will project manage the process from inception through to construction and deployment. We work with energy suppliers to ensure successful grid application and connection while ensuring compliance at every step of the process.


Utility-scale renewable energy projects may help save the planet, but they require a substantial financial commitment. There are various options, including self-funding, loans, Power Purchase Agreements, tax incentives and grants.

Immersa will create a financial modelling report based on site capabilities, surveys, existing funding in place and expected ROI.

After your renewable energy project is operational, our asset management programme tracks and manages your plant through all the life cycle stages to ensure not only its physical working order but its financial performance.


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