Utility Scale
Battery Storage

The UK’s 2050 net-zero target is ambitious, but there needs to be a significant seachange in the harnessing of renewable energy. Now is the time for commercial investors to be part of our renewable future.

Estimates show renewable generated capacity will need to increase to almost 60% by 2030 if there is any prospect of meeting the 2050 target. Battery storage provides grid operators with the tools and flexibility to deal with this increased supply variability and meet demand.

Utility-scale battery storage capable of harnessing high generation periods, stored during low demand and capable of feeding into the grid when demand is high, will be critical to a sustainable, low-carbon renewable future.

Planning changes pave the way for investors to be part of the UK's energy future

The relaxation of planning regulation allows for storage projects above 50 MW in England and 350 MW in Wales to proceed without approval through the national planning regime. This is a significant change.

The introduction of a capacity market in the UK in 2020 has opened the auction process for private utility-scale battery storage and removed demand-side response (DSR) barriers.

The changes include reducing the Minimum Capacity Threshold from 2 MW to 1 MW. DSR will now apply to prequalify to bid for all the agreement lengths in the capacity market, provided they can demonstrate the relevant CAPEX threshold.

Immersa - your utility scale partner

Our turnkey solutions will ensure your project is managed at every stage. With Immersa as your partner, your will benefit from:




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Containerized DC/AC Storage System – PCS selection optional

Integrated Battery Management System

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Maintenance and Support

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CellCube Solutions for Reserve & Capacity Markets

When baseload power supply reaches its economic limits, the reserve and capacity markets regulate merchant mechanisms to trade peak demands or provide ancillary services to ensure a reliable, stable grid and energy supply as demanded.

The extended duration energy storage infrastructure of CellCube is the perfect sustainable and green solution that fits both the new renewable generation technology and the operational heavy use requirements for batteries from the established markets and key players of the industry.


Immersa provides unique turnkey renewable solutions, including consultancy, design and project management for ground mount solar PV. Our team will assist with planning and funding through to construction and power purchase agreements (PPA).


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