Integrating with the Community - The Immersa Culture

Although the renewable projects Immersa support and deliver span the UK, we continue to recognise our roots and head office home in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

From employing people within the local area to supporting our community, we continually integrate with our hometown and contribute wherever possible.

We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring an extra production of The Wizard of Oz at Rednock School as part of end-of-term activities.

Although it was great to sponsor the event and support the show, we decided to go a little further. We invited members from local organisations, including residents and carers from neighbouring care homes, The Lions Club, a fantastic charitable organisation best known for fighting blindness by collecting and recycling spectacles and sending them out to the far east, but also for their volunteering work for many different kinds of national and local community projects and representatives from the Cam and Dursley Vale Armed Forces Community, who continually assist and encourage local communities to support the Armed Forces community in their areas and who help and support the wider community, through participation in events and joint projects.

We were delighted our guests could join us; the show was fantastic. We applaud everyone involved, from the stage set, costumes and, of course, a very talented cast.

Following the event, some of our invited guests commented on the evening.

Pete from Lions Club Dursley commented:

“I attended the performance last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The youngsters’ confidence shone through, and Dorothy and the scarecrow took their leads brilliantly.”

Frankie from Cam and Dursley Vale, Armed Forces Community, told us:

“We Enjoyed it and really felt that the cast and production crew, including the music, costumes, scenery, and makeup, had worked hard. As I was in Theatre in my youth, I appreciated the work that had gone into it.
I managed to chat with Rob, CEO of Immersa, and great to see and hear of another company investing in the community. Very heartening. Thanks for arranging it, and on behalf of the local community, thank you for including us in your community outreach and support.
We very much appreciate being included.”

And, finally, our guests Tim & Pauline thanked us for their invitation, saying: “We really enjoyed the performance of Wizard of Oz on Monday at Rednock School, and thanks for inviting us! We thought a lot of preparation had gone on behind the scenes resulting in a brilliant drama played out by all the students, especially Dorothy!”

Commenting for Immersa, Rob Miles, CEO, said:

“I’m continually proud and encouraged by the Immersa teams’ attitude to community support. As an organisation, we’ve actively looked to make a difference wherever we can. The rewards from putting a smile on people’s faces to driving sustainable solutions make it worthwhile. Business success often provides the opportunity to give back to your community, which I encourage and support.
I love to see the Dursley business sector and community coming together, integrating, and bringing a little joy to all our lives.
I thank all the Immersa team for their time and efforts in this community activity.”

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