Immersa Makes Top 5 Demand Side energy Startup List

Who are StartUs Insights

StartUs Insights is a data science company headquartered in Austria. Operating worldwide, they specialise in solving your development challenges by providing a high performant discovery platform covering over 1,379,000 startups & scale-ups to enable you to identify relevant solutions and technologies quickly & exhaustively.

Who are StartUs Insights

As part of StartUs innovative research analysis, the Global Startup Heat Map reveals the distribution of the 442 standout startups & scale-ups. Further, it highlights five hand-picked energy startups based on criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more.

Helping our clients stay ahead of the technology curve and strengthening their competitive advantage mirrors the findings from this analysis. For Immersa to be part of this top five data-driven report bears testament to our innovative and industry-leading solutions developed by our team, who have decades of experience in the global energy and renewables sectors.

Explore what the Demand-Side Energy Startup Heat Map says about Immersa by visiting the link here.

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