Battery Storage - Data Mining Centre

Harnessing renewable energy sources of sufficient power to perform in high usage data centres has been the goal for many businesses. Data mining is a controversial industry due to its high energy usage profile and subsequent high running costs.


Battery Storage Ltd is an operator of data centres, utilised primarily for cryptocurrency mining and outsourced services for the online gaming industry. They are seeking to develop a 10 MW facility in Glasgow. Data mining is a controversial industry due to its high energy usage profile. Additionally, the cost associated with this activity is extremely high.


Immersa analysed the usage profile of the data centre and provided a commercial appraisal of the balancing services market. Immersa looked at future trends and technology advancements and how these would affect capacity over the coming years.

We designed the system to go on a south-facing roof, but we had to avoid two gables, which would be shaded. They also had an extension over the garage with an east and west-facing roof, suitable for installing panels.

The solar PV array will generate around 5331 kWh over a typical year. The home energy app shows whether the generated energy is used directly in the house, charged to the storage battery or EV, or exported to the grid.


60 MW Lithium-ion battery storage facility attached to the data centre to store renewable energy at a time of oversupply, allowing for peak shifting of the power requirement of the data centre while additionally allowing participation in National Grid balancing market.

PROJECT VALUE: £7.6 Million

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