Strawberry Property

Strawberry Property own and manage HMO accommodation (House of Multiple Occupation) in Bristol. As a company with corporate social responsibility in its DNA, they wanted to help reduce the utilities costs for tenants.


As a leading Bristol property development and management company Strawberry Property has strived to create high-class accommodation which reflects the love they have for their city. To help provide easier rental pricing in the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) marketplace, they include the cost of the electricity within the rent. Strawberry Property was looking to reduce electricity costs within the properties and push forward with their corporate social responsibility and green credentials.

They had looked at renewable solutions in the past with other providers, but due to an inability to fully understand the requirements and fix the installation costs, they had shelved until a later date.


There are a wide variety of property types in the Bristol HMO market, from large mid-Victorian terraces, converted high street shops and offices and modern apartment blocks. Due to the age and the building materials used in construction, and the level of upgrading carried out over the years, the assessment of each had to be tailored to match each properties characteristics.

Every property varies when it comes to energy usage down to the individual accommodation units. Immersa analysed each separate utility bill to provide the solution and offer advice on making the properties insulated to maximise the benefits of solar PV.


Immersa specified 3/5 kW roof-mounted solar for each property and the installation of monitoring equipment to understand each property’s usage profile and analyse the potential for battery storage if there was a power excess.

As this is an ongoing project we continue to work with Strawberry Property and offer advice on Energy Storage Systems as required.


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