Drake House

Every company has key objectives across the business. These include maximising productivity, reducing costs and meeting corporate social responsibility objectives. The good news is that renewable energy can be part of the solution to all three.


Drake House in Dursely, Gloustershire, a multiple tenant building, is the head office of Immersa Limited. Owned by Solent Stevedores, one of the UK’s largest terminal and port operators, the building also serves as their head office. The landlord asked us to survey the building to provide them with a feasibility report on adding solar PV to the building. As a forward-thinking organisation, Solent Stevedores wanted not only to boost their green credentials but look at the long term energy costs for the offices.


After the completed site survey, including an energy bill review, our team reported that the best solution was to install Solar Panels on the South West facing roof and the two other roofs facing East and West. We estimated that the solar PV installed onto the roof would produce 125 kW, enough to meet the clients’ requirements for internal energy and provide them with revenue from the exports to the grid. Our survey also highlighted the potential to provide enough energy to charge a battery storage system. Our proposal specified installing two T30 or T50 Inverters, with battery storage capacity added further down the line.


The landlord accepted our proposal and finalised the quotation allowing Immersa to install the solar panels across the three roof areas. The South-West facing roof of the building housing Solent Stevedores offices had a useable roof area of approximately 8.5 m x 30 m to install the solar panels, which would feed into a 40 kW DC inverter. In addition, the West and East rooftops each had approximately 8 m x 30 m of useable solar roof space, with the power generated from these areas fed into an 80 kW DC inverter. The solar array combined with the inverters produced sufficient energy for the buildings daytime requirements and excess export revenue. It is essential as a renewable energy consultancy what our green credentials mirror our clients. As Immersa’s head office is within Drake House, this project not only benefitted our client and landlord but reflects our mission to create sustainable and cost-effective renewable projects across the UK. As well as the solar panels and inverters, we also installed several EV charging units. We are currently processing data from the new load profiles and the EV chargers, allowing us to give feedback to the client. Part of the long-term project plans is to install a battery storage system, with the load profile data allowing the client to decide the best time to add the battery.


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