Harnessing Solar Power and Energy Storage

In the face of rising fuel costs, the decision to invest in a solar power solution coupled with battery energy storage can significantly reduce expenses while promoting sustainability. Our customer, Mark McConnell, decided that a solar array and battery energy storage system was a future-proof way for him to tackle rising energy costs and look at a more sustainable way forward for his home energy management.


The following project case study showcases a successful collaboration between Mark and Immersa to plan, install and switch to renewable solutions at his home in Saul, Gloucestershire.

Discover how we delivered a seamless experience, in Mark’s eyes, through the project’s renewable energy feasibility, solar energy and energy storage system options and technical details to provide long-term financial advantages.


The homeowner, driven by the need to mitigate increasing fuel costs, opted to invest in solar power and energy storage. Having previously purchased an electric car and negotiating access to a lower night-time tariff with his energy provider, integrating solar energy into their daily routine was a logical next step. Additionally, utilising solar power to supplement their existing oil-fired boiler promised further energy cost reduction. The search for a reliable solar solution provider led them to Immersa, and after some research, Mark was impressed by our comprehensive solutions and exceptional customer support.

Mark commented, “From the initial consultation to the final installation and subsequent after-sales support, Immersa excelled in providing a seamless and satisfying experience. I was particularly delighted with the proximity of Immersa’s team, as their local presence ensured quick and efficient assistance in case of any issues. Immersa’s commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise instilled confidence in me to engage with them and embrace solar energy benefits.”

Immersa’s team designed a solar panel array perfectly tailored to the homeowner’s requirements and roof orientation.


Economic and Environmental Benefits

Following property and energy assessments, our design comprised 18 JA Solar 395W panels, which provided a total installed capacity of 7kWp.

We strategically designed the panel configuration to take full advantage of the property’s dual aspect, with roofs facing southeast and southwest. This configuration maximises daily generation and provides a more even spread of energy production as the sun moves across the sky.

Complementing the solar array, Immersa integrated an AlphaESS Smile5 battery energy storage unit into the system. This advanced solution combines a 5kW inverter with an 8.7kWh battery, allowing the homeowner to store excess solar energy generated during the day to subsequently use during peak consumption hours or when the sun isn’t shining. The battery storage unit optimises energy usage, enhancing self-consumption and reducing dependence on the grid.

Customers can set up the AlphaESS Smile5 to work at either 3.68kW or 5kW if more suitable for them. At 3.68kW, customers can notify the distribution network operator (DNO) under the G98 scheme post-installation, although 5kW would require prior approval from the DNO under the G99 scheme.

With the Immersa solar solution and battery energy storage system in place, Mark has started reaping the benefits of the investment. Reduced energy bills, the ability to power his electric car, and solar-heated water have significantly contributed to financial savings. Moreover, their conscious choice to embrace solar power reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Summary of the renewable installation:

Throughout the entire process, Immersa’s team demonstrated their end-to-end customer relationship support. From initial consultation to installation and beyond, our expertise and support ensured a smooth and satisfactory experience for the homeowner. As a testament to the exceptional service Mark received, he commented, ” I would wholeheartedly recommend Immersa to anyone seeking reliable and comprehensive solar solutions.”

The collaboration between Mark and Immersa exemplifies the advantages of investing in solar power and energy storage. By integrating an intelligently designed solar panel array and the AlphaESS Smile5 battery energy storage unit, Mark has achieved substantial financial savings, increased energy independence, and is playing his part toward a positive environmental impact.

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