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Immersa played a pivotal role in assisting Stark, a groundbreaking energy management company in the UK, to showcase its unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint and improving the energy efficiency of its business operations.


Stark, a pioneering energy management company in the UK, demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint and streamlining business operations. The company aims to achieve these goals through renewable energy solutions that mitigate rising energy costs. Stark’s attitude and approach to clean and affordable energy mirror their services and client support.

In the face of the European gas crisis and escalating energy prices, Stark sought an economical, sustainable solution for its Bristol office to curb its carbon footprint and minimise operating expenses. To accomplish this, Stark enlisted the services of Immersa, experts in renewable energy consulting and solutions.


As Stark’s Bristol office was a new construction, no historical half-hourly consumption data were available to estimate future energy needs. Immersa employed a creative solution to overcome this challenge: they used data from a similarly-sized building to forecast consumption patterns for the new office.

This prediction model estimated that the average half-hourly energy consumption between 0:00 and 23:00 would range between 6.0kw and 8.5kw. With this baseline established, Immersa could calculate the potential energy savings before and after the renewable energy solutions were implemented:


Initially, the project didn’t include battery storage. However, during the solar panel installation and further consultations with Stark, Immersa modified the project design. Immersa replaced one PV inverter with a DC-coupled AlphaStorion T10-HV with a storage capacity of 41kWh. Despite this change in plans, Immersa’s engineers and installers completed the project on schedule, impressing Stark with their communication, project management and diligence.


The renewable energy solution implemented by Immersa resulted in significant savings for Stark:


The project is projected to pay for itself within 3.5 years and offers an internal rate of return of 27.7%.

Project Specifications

The two-week project resulted in the installation of a 47kWp rooftop Solar PV System and an AlphaStorion T10-HV. These significant enhancements to Stark’s Bristol office underscore its commitment to environmental sustainability and economical operation.



Embracing renewable energy solutions doesn’t merely create a more sustainable future for your business. It also results in considerable cost savings, as demonstrated by Stark’s experience. Immersa’s dedicated and skilled team tailors each solution to your unique needs, ensuring you reap maximum benefits from your renewable energy investment.

Navigating the complexities of commercial renewable energy options can be a daunting task. At Immersa, we pride ourselves on simplifying these complexities and providing clear, straightforward advice. Our consultation approach is flexible and comprehensive, incorporating energy usage assessments, sustainability evaluations, and financial modelling to deliver renewable energy solutions that align with your business goals.

If you’re looking for an experienced partner to guide your business towards sustainability and increased efficiency, look no further. The Immersa team is ready and equipped to lead the transition. Let’s explore how we can work together to reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your sustainability, and generate significant savings.

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