Empowering Home Energy Independence

Immersa’s solar PV and battery energy storage solution empowered Angela Jones, ensuring energy independence, reduced carbon footprint, and long-term financial savings. Read this Immersa case study to understand better how to develop your renewable energy solution and take control of your home energy needs today.


As a leading renewable energy and battery energy storage partner, Immersa takes pride in providing guidance and sustainable solutions to both residential and commercial customers. This case study highlights the successful relationship, planning and installation of a Solar P.V. System and Battery Energy Storage System for our valued customer, Angela Jones. Facing concerns about rising energy costs and following an unsatisfactory experience with another installer, Angela turned to Immersa.

Through a personalised consultation with our Home Energy Solutions Team and analysis of Angela’s property and energy use, we set out a plan and way forward for Angela to achieve energy independence, reduce her carbon footprint, and realise long-term financial savings.


Project Challenges and Solutions:

Following our analysis of Angela’s property and average monthly energy use, coupled with roof surveys and property position, we modelled the following system:

The combination of the Solar P.V. array and Alpha Smile5 system was a perfect solution to provide an efficient level of power and storage but also to fit with the customer’s project budget.

One of the key challenges encountered during Angela’s project was the unfavourable weather conditions experienced during the installation period. However, Immersa’s dedicated team overcame these challenges through careful planning and efficient execution. Despite the inclement weather, our team ensured that the project was completed within the quoted lead time, showcasing our commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

After waiting almost 18 months without her system being installed by another provider, we understood Angela’s frustration and swiftly created an open and transparent dialogue. From the initial conversation with our energy consultant, Michael Lamerton, to the subsequent installation, the project took just over one month. Like many others, Immersa demonstrated its commitment to meeting timelines and delivering on promises with this project. Angela engaged with Immersa following a recommendation from a friend, another Immersa customer, which highlights our commitment to customer service and the quality of our installations, leading to referrals.


After installing the solar P.V. System and battery energy storage, Angela told us, “Even during the challenging winter month of February, I noticed significant savings on my energy bills. By harnessing the power of renewable energy and battery energy storage, I am delighted we have taken the crucial step towards sustainable, clean energy, which will also deliver long-term financial benefits. The team at Immersa were extremely helpful, providing knowledge and guidance at every stage. The installation team were great, and from arrival on site, to set up and giving us knowledge on the system, I couldn’t fault them.”

With an AlphaESS Smile5 5.8kWh Battery Energy Storage System, Angela can now access a reliable and uninterrupted power supply. The integration of this cutting-edge technology allows her to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use in the evening or in case of power outages. By prioritising energy independence, Immersa has empowered Angela to take control of her energy consumption, enhance her home energy supply, manage her energy consumption and reduce her reliance on the grid.

Take Control of Your Home Energy

Immersa invites you to join Angela and countless other satisfied customers in exploring the advantages of Solar P.V. and Battery Energy Storage Systems for your property. By partnering with Immersa, you can unlock the potential of renewable energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and achieve long-term energy savings.

Our experienced renewable energy advisers are here to guide you. Don’t delay, and contact us today to discuss your energy needs and take the first step towards a sustainable and independent energy future.

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