Enabling Sustainable Living: Solar PV and Battery Storage

Explore this Immersa home energy project, a compelling case study showcasing the transformation of residential properties into eco-conscious, future-proof homes. Discover how renewable energy and battery storage solutions enable sustainable living and reduce carbon footprints.


The ability to tackle home energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint is a hot topic and a concern for many homeowners. At Immersa, we take pride in transforming residential properties into sustainable, future-proof powerhouses. Our recent successful project for Mike Dinnis, based within Gloucestershire, is a testament to our commitment to renewable energy and battery storage solutions.


The challenges and solutions for home renewable energy

From the outset, our consultative approach engaged Mr Dinnis. We helped him to understand his unique energy challenges through our energy modelling systems and explore his aspirations to take control of his home’s energy future. For many homeowners, renewable energy and technologies are a new learning curve, and our advisers continually provide the essential data and support for homeowners like Mr Dinnis to make informed decisions.

His goal was clear: to secure his home against rising electricity prices, reduce his carbon footprint, and harness solar power to charge his newly acquired electric car.

We meticulously assessed his historical and current energy consumption, analysing 12 months of electricity data totalling 7000 kWh. We utilised tools like Google Earth and Street View to conduct an initial property survey. Then Immersa presented Mr Dinnis with a detailed survey and proposal that outlined the design of solar panels on his roof, system size, estimated annual generation, payback period, and return on investment.


Creating a bespoke home energy solar PV and battery storage system

The Immersa team immediately structured all pre-installation works and project planning, including the Solar PV array design, and began implementing the project. The Immersa renewable energy installation team installed the system, managed the live grid connection and had everything up and running in an impressive two days, delivering exceptional value. The completed system cost amounted to £15,972.53, with a rapid payback period of just seven years.

Year one showcased impressive results:

These year-one highlight successes are just the beginning. Over the years, the financial benefits will compound, while the positive environmental impact will continue to grow. By harnessing renewable energy and battery storage, homeowners secure their financial future and play a pivotal role in combatting climate change through carbon offsetting. Every unit of electricity generated from clean, renewable sources and stored efficiently is a step toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for everyone.

Solar PV and BES System Project

Our solution comprised 20 high-efficiency 400W JA Solar panels, connected and complemented with an Alpha ESS S6-HV Inverter and an 8.4 kWh battery. We projected an annual generation of 6361 kWh, with 2220 kWh used directly, 1686 kWh stored for later use, and 2300 kWh exported to the grid, generating export payments for Mr Dinnis.

In understanding the broader impact of this system, it’s crucial to consider the carbon intensity of electricity (CIE) in the UK. In 2021, the CIE of the UK was 265 grams of CO2 per kWh, reflecting the amount of carbon emissions produced to generate electricity. By generating 6361 kWh of clean, renewable energy annually, Mr Dinnis’s system saves approximately 1686 kilograms or 1.7 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. This significantly reduces carbon footprint and aligns with a more sustainable and eco-conscious future. The Immersa-designed, supplied and installed system boasts an impressive payback period of 7 years and an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 15.7%.

It also delivers a substantial environmental impact by significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with electricity consumption. It empowers homeowners like Mr Dinnis to be part of the solution to combat climate change while enjoying the long-term economic advantages of renewable energy and battery storage.

Exploring the positive points of solar PV and battery energy storage

Many factors led to the project’s success, including: 

Mr. Dinnis aimed for maximum energy generation and future-proofing against increased consumption and costs. With east and west-facing roofs, we optimised sunlight capture throughout the day. The combined power of solar panels and battery storage ensures the property’s future electricity needs are sufficient, sustainable and cost-effective, whether managing home electricity or charging the car. With additional opportunities and benefits to earn income from excess energy exported to the grid, the system places Mr Dinnis in a fantastic situation to control future energy use and deliver security of supply and an improved financial position.

Warranties and Future Proofing

We’re confident in our installations with comprehensive warranties, ensuring protection and safeguarding your investment for years to come. Included for this project are:

Solar Panels:

Battery Inverter:

Furthermore, all AlphaESS UK products in our systems come with UK-based technical support, so you can count on responsive assistance whenever needed. We prioritise your satisfaction and system reliability.

Additionally, the Alpha Cloud App accompanying the battery energy storage system provides real-time monitoring and alerts, giving you first-hand data and knowledge of your system and performance.

Customer Testimonial

Mr Dinnis has been exceptionally happy with the Immersa support, renewable energy products and costs.

He told us: “Immersa’s commitment to clear communication was very refreshing, and it was immediately obvious this would be a transparent process throughout our project journey. Every conversation, project stage gate and after-care exceeded our expectations. Their honesty and integrity transformed the experience into what felt to us more like a partnership. They delivered on their promises and empowered us to make informed decisions every step of the way. Immersa is not just an energy solutions provider; they’re experienced and trustworthy allies on the path to a sustainable, cost-efficient future.”

Choosing the right renewable energy partner

At Immersa, we’re dedicated to empowering homeowners to take control of their energy future. Our approach is to provide comprehensive energy data, explain renewable energy products and options and model systems, including energy storage, to enhance homes and provide sustainable futures.

Our renewable energy advisers are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable, ready to guide you with jargon-free advice.

We invite you to contact our energy advisers to schedule a free exploratory renewable energy assessment for your property, embark on your renewable energy journey, and take control of your energy future.

To request a callback from one of our friendly advisors, please fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.

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