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When Sara-Jayne Phillips moved into the newly developed Littlecome estate in Dursley, she envisioned a future where clean, affordable, renewable energy would be the foundation of her new home. 


Sarah-Jayne desired energy self-sufficiency, especially after recently installing a hot tub. But soaring energy costs came with the energy crisis. After engaging with Immersa, whose Home Energy Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage solution delivered a better energy future, Sarah-Jayne has confidence and peace of mind for her residential property energy management.

Sara-Jayne Phillips was no stranger to the renewable energy transformations in her locality. Having observed Immersa supporting many homeowners in properties in her estate, she reached out with a specific concern: powering her hot tub without being burdened by rising electricity costs. She had even considered keeping the hot tub off for extended periods due to the escalating bills.

Our task was straightforward: design a solar energy system tailored to Sara-Jayne’s needs, using her property’s specifications and historical electricity consumption as benchmarks.


Maximising Renewable Energy Potential: A Comprehensive Approach to Home Energy Efficiency

Our approach was comprehensive. Evaluating the roof space available and the property’s previous year’s energy consumption, we proposed an effective and robust system. The design consisted of 14 J.A. solar 400w solar PV panels combined with the AlphaESS Smile5, boasting 8.7 kWh storage. The result is a perfect balance between energy generation and storage, primed for her unique requirements.

Furthermore, to enhance savings and leverage the full potential of the installed battery storage, we recommended Sara-Jayne collaborate with Octopus and capitalise on their dynamic energy tariffs. Dynamic energy tariffs would allow her to charge her battery during off-peak hours, optimising costs and energy efficiency, and are a fantastic initiative from some energy providers to maximise the potential of your home energy.


The outcomes were nothing short of impressive:

  1. Economic Efficiency: With her new system, Sara-Jayne now enjoys her hot tub without the shadow of inflated bills.
  2. Green Power: Contributing to a sustainable future, she has significantly reduced her dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
  3. Financial Benefits: While she relishes the comfort of her home, her system’s energy surplus ensures a lucrative export payment during her work travels.
  4. User Empowerment: The AlphaESS user-friendly energy management app gives Sara-Jayne real-time insights, letting her track when she’s achieving complete energy self-sufficiency.


“I am absolutely delighted with my solar panels. Immediately, I could see the energy cost savings, and it’s satisfying to know that I am no longer completely dependent on non-renewable energy sources. Installing my solar panels and batteries from start to finish was made very easy and stress-free by the team from Immersa. The Immersa team was helpful, guiding, polite, and professional at every project planning and installation stage. Michael Lamerton (Immersa Head of Commercial) has been brilliant in explaining everything in layperson’s terms, technical jargon-free and answering all of my questions. Setting up and using the app has been very easy, and I enjoy seeing when I’m fully self-sufficient. I am delighted to recommend Immersa to all my friends and neighbours.”
— Sara-Jayne Phillips

Choosing the right renewable energy partner

Engage with Immersa Energy Advisers: Ready to harness the power of renewable energy and battery energy storage and step into a sustainable, cost-efficient future? Our dedicated team at Immersa is ready to tailor-make an energy solution that fits you. Connect with our energy advisers today. Together, we can create a sustainable, affordable and greener tomorrow.

We invite you to contact our energy advisers to schedule a free exploratory renewable energy assessment for your property, embark on your renewable energy journey, and take control of your energy future.

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