Rising Energy Costs Sparks Renewable Energy Action

Concerns about energy prices and carbon footprint drive a family to consider renewable energy for their home.


Concerns about energy prices and carbon footprint are commonplace for many families, as was the case for the Pitt family. The rise in electricity bills made them seriously consider whether a renewable energy solution would be within their budget. Rob Pitt approached Immersa to provide an initial consultation to ascertain what roof space would be suitable, how many panels, and the best Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to maximise the power captured by the solar PV.

As a family with three teenagers living in a sizable property, their power consumption was approximately 7000 units per year.

The Pitt family wanted a Solar PV system that would maximise the available roof space with a large capacity battery, which would store the excess solar and charge from the Grid in the winter during off-peak to increase savings further.


We Listen To Your Needs and Create Bespoke Renewable Solutions

Immersa’s Home Energy Solutions Team use computer modelling software combined with satellite images and an onsite survey to develop the data and create a system design based on informed analysis. The Pitt house came with multiple challenges, including multi-aspect roofs and dormer windows, reducing the space available for panels, and the roof orientated east and west. Another challenge was the property’s three dormer windows on the west side, which would reduce the available roof space for panels. – Remove

Our completed survey and modelling, combined with the home energy team’s renewable energy experience and knowledge, meant we could develop a quote which would genuinely provide the solution expected by Rob Pitt and overcome the initial challenges that were presented.


After presenting our comprehensive quotation and power output modelling, the Pitts were confident in our approach and comfortable with our pricing, and within a few weeks, our team started the installation, which took two days.

Immersa installed twenty-one panels in total; two panels were fitted with optimisers to eliminate the impact of shading from the dormer windows for part of the day.

Additionally, we installed an AlphaESS SMILE-H6-HV hybrid inverter with a 6 kW battery and an additional 6 kW battery unit to maximise the system. This solar PV array and combined BESS.


We expect the solar PV array to generate 6215 kWh over a typical year. The graph shows whether the generated energy is used directly in the house, to charge the storage battery, or exported to the Grid.

Approximately 33% (2038 kWh) of the electricity generated will be used directly in the property. 32% (2029 kWh) is directed to the battery for later use, although a part of this is lost during battery charging and discharging, leaving 1858 kWh for use in the property. The remaining generation (2148 kWh, or 35%) is exported to the Grid.

Over the 25-year term of this financial projection, the total generation is predicted to be 146011 kWh, of which 93469 kWh will be consumed within the home and 52542 kWh exported to the Grid.

The total present value of future benefits and costs, using a discount rate of 4% per year, is £44,575.46. The cost of the PV system was £19,450.99. The project’s net present value is, therefore, £25,124.47, which reflects the financial as well as environmental benefit of the system.

Project Specifications

  • ·   Total cost: £19,450.99
  • ·   Solar PV: JA Solar JAM54S31-400/MR (400W) solar panel x 21
  • ·   BESS: AlphaESS SMILE-H6-HV inverter, plus additional battery
  • ·   Environmental: 1.6 tonnes of CO2 saved


“On behalf of my family, I wanted to thank everyone for the excellent service and superb installation. It was a fantastic experience every step of the way, from start to finish. From the initial quote stage with Michael, scheduling the works with Charlotte, surveying with Paul and Joe, the install team and system handover with Andy on hand for any technical support.

Michael finished the handover visit, where I had one question about the PV rating set in the system. He emailed Andy, who responded straightaway and changed it—another example of excellent customer service.

Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to everyone involved; you’ve got a great team to be proud of in both Immersa and AlphaESS UK. I will certainly be spreading the word and recommending Immersa.”
— Rob Pitt

Choosing the right renewable energy partner

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