UK Business Must Seize the Opportunity to Invest in Renewable Solutions

The UK energy sector has hit a perfect storm of problems within the network. Many elements have fuelled the challenges, including:

In addition, the UK-France primary electricity subsea interconnector cable fire will have reduced capacity until early 2022, limiting the UK’s ability to import French electricity.

Although generation by fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, decreases year on year, it still generates nearly 40% of electricity in the UK. Industry experts note that the UK will not achieve a net-zero economy at the current investment rate in renewable energy solutions.

Even before these recent issues, experts predicted energy prices should rise by around a third by 2030.

Energy supply and demand are now a hot topic within boardrooms throughout the UK due to skyrocketing energy prices and the collapse of many energy suppliers. From Business Owners to Finance Directors, the focus is now on addressing energy consumption’s effect on a business’s bottom line.

Has your business considered:

Taking the initiative now to safeguard your future

UK heavy industry is still heavily reliant on natural gas to power production, which experts predict will be the case for at least the next twenty years. Therefore, businesses within all sectors and sizes need to seriously consider renewable energy solutions to help hedge against volatile and unpredictable fossil fuel prices in a very unpredictable future.

The UK grid infrastructure could fail to move fast enough towards a non-carbon future. If that is the case, it will fall to homeowners, businesses, developers and investors to carry the torch for a sustainable tomorrow.

Immersa - helping create sustainable futures

Immersa  CEO Robert Miles founded the company in 2016 after spending many years within the energy sector. He identified an opportunity for businesses to reduce their operating costs and their impact on the environment by installing onsite renewable energy generation and by storing excess energy for use when the grid was in high demand.

This vision is even more critical in today’s energy environment, where unpredictability in supply and pricing produces uncertainty for all.

Robert commented, “Globally, we see a shift in attitude toward the role that renewable energy and energy storage is to play within the varied business communities. From manufacturing, through to leisure, hospitality, and education, amongst others, a desire to be energy independent and sustainable is high in the agenda.”

Robert continued, “It’s not ‘should my business embrace renewable solutions now’. It’s more about making a decision for the future prosperity of many sectors. It’s essential to consider the consultation and planning and create a strategy for now and the future. That’s where Immersa excels. We build our business upon delivering results and developing sustainable strategies and relationships with customers by providing the data, information and guidance for successful outcomes.” 

Over the subsequent years, the team Robert has built created a company capable of designing and managing demand-side and utility-scale projects, which the UK will need to meet its net-zero targets by 2050. In addition to the grid generation development, Immersa also provides expert advice to the commercial business sector on becoming energy independent by installing a range of renewable energy products combined with battery storage solutions.

Real sustainability with renewable solutions

For commercial rooftop solar PV, it is never as simple as adding a few solar panels to your roof – to ensure you achieve value and cost savings from your renewable energy, a full assessment and consultation is required.

Our experts will carry out a survey to assess:

After analysing these factors, we can provide a proposal to help your business understand what renewable solutions will achieve over the panels’ lifetime.

Now it's time to take the first step to secure energy independence

Now more than ever, you need to take serious steps to control your energy costs. Start a conversation with an expert at Immersa.

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We look forward to helping your business be energy independent and safeguarding your businesses future.

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