Carbon reduction saves the planet and saves money

Immersa CEO, Robert Miles spoke to The Times on Saturday about misconceptions that for too long have held back business from investing in Low Carbon Technologies – read the full feature article below.

For too long Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) and carbon reduction has been branded as a complicated and expensive obligation that places a financial burden on commercial enterprise, adopted only by eco-warriors wanting to save the planet.

It is time to expel this myth! The truth is LCT offers high and safe returns and reduces exposure to the volatile energy market. It also saves the planet!!!

“Having worked in the renewable energy sector for nearly 15 years”, explains Robert Miles (CEO Immersa Limited and Alpha ESS UK, “I have seen capital costs plummet, energy prices soar and still encounter a lack of understanding of the benefits of renewables on a daily basis within the Commercial and Industrial Sector, including multibillion-pound blue-chip companies with Energy Management departments”.

“We have seen that with a little education and understanding, companies can see 5-year return on investment and 19%+ IRR. Even if the energy market stabilises by 2030, those who invest now will have already recovered the cost of the investment and have 20+ years of free energy”, he adds.

When asked about those companies that did not wish to invest capital or have capital available, Robert responded, “A business does not need to invest their own capital. We work with highly reputable financial institutions who can offer a multitude of solutions, including fully funded systems that sell power at a reduced and fixed cost to the business. The business benefits from reduced energy bills, and the carbon offsets attributed to the LCT”.

He concludes, “Systems are bespoke, get an expert in, and explain what your company objectives are. It will cost nothing and show you the substantial benefits that can be achieved through LCT”.

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