Clean, Affordable Home Energy Solutions

Sara-Jayne Phillips moved to the Littlecome estate in Dursley, aiming for a self-sufficient, renewable energy-powered home. Immersa’s Solar PV and Battery Storage resolved rising energy costs, assuring her energy security.


Enabling Sustainable Living: Solar PV and Battery Storage

Explore this Immersa home energy project, a compelling case study showcasing the transformation of residential properties into eco-conscious, future-proof homes. Discover how renewable energy and battery storage solutions enable sustainable living and reduce carbon footprints.


Stark Energy Management

Stark, a pioneering energy management company in the UK, demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint and streamlining business operations.


Harnessing Solar Power and Energy Storage

A Sustainable Solution in Saul, Gloucestershire.
Discover how we delivered a seamless experience through the project’s renewable energy feasibility, solar energy and energy storage system options and technical details to provide long-term financial advantages.


Dursley Home Renewable Energy Solution

In the past 12 months, we have all experienced unprecedented increases in our home energy prices. Across the United Kingdom, homeowners are increasingly concerned about rising energy costs. Sue and Julian Peachey contacted Immersa energy advisers to discuss their three-bedroom property in Dursley.


The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is at the forefront of research into maximising storage capabilities for electrical energy. Immersa was excited by their part in the latest research and development project to harness new renewable energy technology.


Halo Project Kilmarnock

Immersa supplied a containerised battery storage solution for Halo Scotland based in Kilmarnock. This innovative regeneration project will store renewable energy from rooftop solar PV.